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LRN Query


Today, all USA Tier1 carriers route and bill using LRN data for accuracy. The Location Routing Number (LRN) is a ten-digit number allocated in the NANP just like a telephone number. An LRN is assigned to each ported telephone number and is used to route calls through the PSTN to the switch serving the ported number. Let us help with your LRN QUERY needs!

Why use Alcazar Networks' LNP / LRN Solution?

  • SIP302 Redirect - Unlimited (CPS Based)
  • WebAPI
  • 100,000 calls per second capability, ideal for high call volume
  • Typical response times of 2 to 5ms
  • Geographically diverse servers ensure LNP service availability
  • FREE interoperability testing available
  • USA coverage
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • NO monthly minimum commitments!
  • Price Match Guarantee!

LNP / LRN data can save you 20% or more on termination costs!

LNP/LRN Query Information:

Query Fee Simple
Query Fee Full Detail

Flat Rate Unlimited Query Information:

Calls Per Second
Monthly Rate**

                               **Only available with SIP302 Redirect.

Alcazar will price match competitive offers! Ask about higher commitment level pricing, please contact our sales department for additional information. Full detail data is also available in XML and JSON output format. For more information and examples please contact us!

webAPI or SIP302 Redirect

LRN Query Demo

The tool below will allow you to demo our API. You must enter an 11 digit telephone number in the Telephone Number field in the format of 1NPANXXYYYY, then select the output format which will be displayed below.

Full Detail LNP/LRN Dip Information
10 or 11 Digit Telephone Number